Social Media

We are your Social Media Marketing Experts

At Dookoo, we understand the importance of social media in growing your business. Let us review
your current situation by recommending a planned, creative approach. 

Our team are pros at partnering with businesses and evaluating their social media outreach. It’s not
enough to have a social media presence or strategy. We take it one step further to provide
meaningful content that promote direct responses and awareness to drive conversions to your site.

Paid Social Media Engagement:

If your paid social media efforts have been dismal with poor ROI, it may be time to diversify. Our social media team delivers a cross-channel strategy that helps to drive brand awareness, lead generation, and social media sales in the truest sense. Need help? Let our team evaluate your efforts and move forward with a winning formula.

Organic Social Media:

Do you know what organic social media means? If you don’t, then you need the help of our team to explain the options available. The backbone of a social media strategy is an organic presence. If you don’t understand it fully, you can’t embrace what it can do. It can lead to static engagement, negative sentiment, and zero exposure when compared to successful competitors. Our team has the expertise to build and maintain a strong social media presence with brand advocacy and customer engagement.

Social Audits:

Audits can help boost organic social media performance by improving social media
engagement across all key platforms. Our audit processes review your social media framework to ensure social media efforts are working to their top potential.

If you are prepared to take your social media efforts to the next level, please contact our social media team for real assessments.